Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Fog

It was early and foggy on Saturday morning when I went out for a haircut. The whole world (or at least the whole of San Francisco's Mission District) was still asleep as I made my way up Valencia Street which was full of eerie emptiness.

Table in the Marc Josef window, looking as if it had walked out of a geometry book.

Bands of carved acanthus at the base of the pillars that flank the building's entrance.

Farther up Valencia. Inside the curved-top window behind the left-hand panel is a metallic blue sphere.

After the haircut I went across the street to Flax (at Market & Valencia) for a roll of acid free paper and some archival quality fine nib felt pens. These will be needed for a project I am starting this weekend: to draw a large-scale family tree and preserve it for my daughter.

There is a street car stop on Market in front of Flax, and that is where I waited next.

And luckily, when the street car came, it was one of my favorites. The San Francisco Historic Street Car collection includes several of these orange ones, sent from Italy by the people of Milan.

Inside, the Milanese street car is fitted out with the original dark varnished wood and thick amber-glass light fixtures, plus any number of small Italian notices and warnings.