Monday, June 30, 2014


Recent installations by Shimabuku at Kunsthal Bern. The artist lives and works in Berlin. He was born in Japan in 1969. Two years ago his Barcelona installations made a welcome topic on this same endless roll of things that have been noticed.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Red Road

After we arranged a big sheet of paper on the kitchen floor and set out all the supplies we could find, Mabel worked on this painting in several stages, using brushes and markers and finger paint. It started out as blobs of color, different blobs made in different ways. Then these blobs little by little came to be connected by a wide red road.


Mabel liked the idea of the washable glass markers I found at Flax. I gave  her the step-stool to boost herself up. She used the tray marked THIS IS NOT A STEP to spread out her selection of markers.

The tray marked THIS IS NOT A STEP intrigued Mabel. She asked more than once if I was sure that you could NEVER use it for a step, not even for a minute?

The work on the kitchen windows could only be photographed later, when evening light made Mabel's work more visible.

We played a window-pane version of tic-tac-toe. And collaborated on cartoon-y faces. All the swirls, however, came exclusively from Mabel's  hand.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kitchen Art

Mabel spent the morning at Spencer Alley while her parents back at home rearranged all the furniture and possessions in their apartment as a result of the creation of a real bedroom for Mabel, with walls and a window and a clothes closet and a bookcase and a toy chest and many more features, plus its own solid door. The parents could do their heavy lifting more easily with Mabel off site, so she came on the train with me early in the morning and we immediately threw ourselves into setting out art supplies and using them.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Double Split Guitar

Double Split Guitar with Drapery - 2013

Bronzes with pale monochrome patinations  the formal harmonies of Ricky Swallow.

Skewed Doors - 2013

Split Guitar (Horizontal) - 2013

Diamond Mask with Paddles - 2013

Standing Form (Beige) - 2012

Split Guitar with Drapery 1 (Vertical) - 2013

Split Guitar with Drapery 1 (Horizontal) - 2013

Mask with Paddles - 2012
Stacking Cup (Bone) - 2011

Split Tankard (Bone) - 2011

Standing Mask (Bone) - 2010

Standing Mask (Bone) - 2010 (back)

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Another artist chosen by Michelle Grabner for the fourth floor of this year's Whitney Biennial was Australian-born sculptor Ricky Swallow. Though his pieces at first glance look like pottery or cardboard, they are in fact bronzes, with varying patinations.

Stair with Contents - 2014

Reversed Pitcher - 2013

Skewed Arches / Tall 1 - 2013

Z-sculpture with String- 2014

Chair Study / Ripple (Soot) - 2013