Monday, June 2, 2014

One Winter's Work

"The shapes are painted with Talens oil color. Graded green tones are mixed on the palette and layered directly on the canvas. These colored areas don’t touch, while the emerging line displays a carmine acrylic paint surface." 

"The starting layer of the largest work in the show is painted colorfully. Then all fields are covered with a silver tone. The Light Sky Blue painted background becomes lines." 

"White tones, black lines, permanent green The polyester canvas is mounted on a board. The permanent green is acrylic, the black lines and the white tones are painted in oil color. At the edge of the painting a stained wooden lath is nailed on." 

"Metallic Painting Executed in Lascaux Aluminium, Steel and Britannia Silver, the metallic shapes are outlined in black. The composition is applied on a white background which continues into the space of the gallery." 

Four pictures make up the entirety of Emil William Klein's show at Francesca Pia in Zurich. The pigment-and-process descriptions in quotes were written by the artist, who devoted the winter of 2013/14 to this work.