Friday, December 31, 2010


The last post of 2010 could only conceivably be devoted to Mabel Watson Payne whose arrival this year has radically redirected and elevated the lives of quite a numerous group of people.

In the world at large there are valid reasons for pessimism every time we turn around, but in the world that rightfully revolves around Mabel Watson Payne there is an overflowing abundance of optimism.

Tinted Fairy

On the trail of yesterday's Kodachromes I found myself wandering down a sidetrack into the parallel photographic world of hand-tinting, a mysterious place where the garish and the delicate join hands, as this random selection amply demonstrates.

Image source is here

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Several people have mentioned liking the Pie Town pictures in vintage Kodachrome posted here a week ago. Personally I didn't grow up with any relatives who went in for creating such intense color photographs during the decades when this was the dominant aesthetic – so I went looking for examples from other people's families. A few of the riches I discovered are humbly offered here.

Image source is here