Monday, December 27, 2010

Mission Palms

It was a day for palm trees. First I saw these running up the middle of Dolores in the fog when I went out early to buy provisions and restock the cupboards after all the Christmas revelry.

Many hours later I was returning from a walk in the hills and cut through Dolores Park. There in the fading light of late afternoon I encountered a whole other equally insistent population of palm trees and my San Francisco day seemed to have come full circle.

The best palm tree pictures I ever took are the ones below, first posted here in February 2009. My daughter and son-in-law had just given me a blue plastic Diana pinhole camera for my birthday and I was trying it out in the spirit of a new toy. Very much like a new toy, because like a child I soon lost interest in it. But now am forced to face the fact that continuing with lomography would have been a good creative thing to do and I ought to go back to it.