Friday, December 24, 2010


Only a few minutes ago I finished wrapping Christmas presents. And none too soon, considering that the sun is currently in the process of setting and thereby ushering in Christmas Eve. As a package wrapper (for reasons too tedious to relate) I am constitutionally incapable of selecting the orthodox seasonal colors or patterns. This year I decided to do a reverse-Tiffany motif, using their paper color for the ribbon and their ribbon color for the paper. Since I will be leaving quite soon now to go over and babysit for Mabel Watson Payne, I am glad to have this cargo ready to take with me and place under the small bright tinfoil tree at her house. The mother and the father of the wee incarnate divinity are going out for Christmas Eve dinner with another young couple, and Mabel Watson Payne has graciously agreed to let me help her keep vigil on this first Christmas Eve of the earthly portion of her life.