Monday, December 6, 2010

Nice World Dictator

There are pictures here of my neighborhood today both at sunrise-time and sunset-time – plus a few in-between pictures when the atmosphere was merely dull and gray. I think it is a nice lifelike touch occasionally to fill up this space with nothing more ambitious or orderly than the sequence of one day's random sightings.

Part of today's particular randomness, though, happened to include the Mission poet who frequently sits on a milk crate in front of Adobe Books (on 16th Street a few doors down from Spencer Alley) selling his wares. He was offering a freshly photocopied sheet of news (still warm from the machine) when I passed on my way home from work and I bought one to find out what was currently happening here in San Francisco.

The headline –

And at that moment (in a messianic flash, standing in front of Adobe Books) I understood quite clearly what all these other scruffy-looking street pictures I had been taking as I walked along really represented – i.e. the unredeemed world hereabouts that is about to be put in order by a power greater than any we have seen so far.

But the Messiah's announcement is not yet widely known. The people on Mission Street were (the last I saw) going about their late-afternoon business with no apparent awareness that by Christmas-time every aspect of our lives and surroundings would be transformed (in ways we cannot even imagine) by the arrival of the Martial Order Prez (MOP) & Nice World Dictator.