Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby & Sky

We are promised a few days without rain. Not warm days exactly but bright days certainly. Bright is a treat all by itself in the dark wet cold spring of 2010 in San Francisco.

In addition to being a celebration of the weather and a commentary on a major family life-change event that is never far from current consciousness, this photo is also a mild personal satire on the famous Zone System of Ansel Adams – but nobody could possibly know that last part unless I said so.

We know (in a way) who drew the sleeping head on this raw wooden door, but will never likely know who drew the silver paper airplane lower down on the same door with such expressive economy.

Some of the pink blooming street trees in the Mission began to flower three months ago in the middle of January, but these with the puffier blossoms and the bubble gum tint were clearly at their absolute peak earlier today when I walked past and under them on my way to the gym.