Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Room Progress

Thursday evening my daughter and her husband and I had our six hands all employed simultaneously in the hanging of the green/blue/yellow side panels inside the baby room under construction in one corner of their downtown apartment in San Francisco. The night before the two of them had assembled and inserted the crib. (The pre-crib stage is pictured here.)

The back wall will have a "piece of art" (still-to-be-selected) hanging on the square space of wall behind the Ikea lamp shade. There will be a solid yellow curtain (fabric still to be located and curtain still to be constructed) on a tension rod -- to cover the window when the window needs to be covered. A molded foam "changing pad" is in shipment for the dresser-top in the left foreground (the pad being of a design in common use now, but that had not yet been invented when my daughter was of the size to need a room like this -- and 35 years ago I did indeed make her a room that looked a lot like this in spirit, though not in detail -- there was a bigger blank wall in that case and I painted a mural on it).

The side panels that I have been sewing on at home had me a bit anxious (as always with these projects) in case they wouldn't fit right when stapled into place, but luckily the length came out fine and the amount of fullness we allowed in the width was not overwhelming but instead gave the feeling we intended of airiness, softness and lightness.

There will be better pictures to come. When I took these, I was already tired and the light was past its best  – consequently, most of the ones I took were altogether too crappy to use. My son-in-law will take superior ones when sunshine is available again.

Our next step (along with the yellow curtain for the back window) will be the construction of the "front door" panels. They will (or so we intend) look a little like a Japanese theater curtain, in a dramatic (we hope) combination of yellow and gray.