Friday, September 16, 2011

French Things

I went to the Legion of Honor this afternoon and wandered through the French galleries for a long time.

There were crowds downstairs (in the recently-contrived, low-ceilinged, harsh-lighted special exhibition space) peering reverently at the visiting show of Finicky Dutch Pictures, but not many people upstairs in the noble rooms devoted to the paintings and furniture and sculpture of the permanent collection.

The cupid above reminded me forcefully of Mabel Watson Payne, insistently pointing to direct the attention of any nearby adult.

Groups of art students (with white chairs and white easels) were making drawings in all different parts of the museum this afternoon (except for the traveling show of Finicky Dutch Pictures, which of course nobody would want to copy). Their concentration was quietly impressive and their collective presence added a cheerful and earnest touch to the scene.

But the main reason I am posting today's non-remarkable sampling of snapshots is for the love of this pink settee. It captured my heart in an uncanny way and I could not stop taking pictures of it. These are only a few of the best ones. There are many more.