Friday, July 20, 2012

Mostly Berlin

Last autumn I did a little tribute-post here for Trevor Good's GOOD+UP. ("People, backstage/behind-the-scenes, events, art, music, fashion, mostly in Berlin, Germany.")


The backpack in the Berlin photo above reminded me of a highly similar bag nearer to home. In early 2011 a San Francisco fashion blog for men featured a street-photo here that I am reproducing below. I remembered this fact and was able to retrieve the picture because the man seen from the back in San Francisco was none other than the father of Mabel Watson Payne. In fact, in this very picture the six-month-old Mabel was herself present (in a baby-carrier strapped to her father's chest). True, she was is not exactly visible, but the top of her orange hat and a fragment of yellow sleeve can be glimpsed.