Monday, July 30, 2012

Jil Sander

My trainer at the gym was rhapsodizing recently about his small collection of Jil Sander clothes (for men), mostly acquired at an out-of-the-way shop called Jeremy's on 2nd Street near South Park in San Francisco, where the occasional fugitive piece can (on lucky days) be found at a bargain price. These remarks of his triggered a wish on my part to look at a wider range of images and firm up my comprehension of the Jil Sander look (those shown here drawn mostly from the last five years of collections and campaigns). I did of course find abundant menswear examples and certainly as a group they looked attractive enough, but not so utterly striking that they screamed out for reproduction on this personally curated rolling screen. No, it was Jil Sander for women that made me sit up straight most often and hit the copy button.