Saturday, June 15, 2013

Photos by Mabel

That is my backpack above, with Mabel's discarded purple hat sticking out the top of it. She took this picture herself on Friday afternoon when we revisited the gated playground in Chinatown that we have neglected for many months in favor of other playgrounds nearer to Mabel's place of residence. When it occurred to her to ask if she could take a picture, we figured out a way to rest my heavy camera on a railing. When it was stable and aimed in the right direction, Mabel could use her pointy finger to push the big silver shutter-button. Then we checked the small display screen and viewed what she had captured.

Mabel was far from satisfied with her first picture of the square-windowed office building. She wanted it to be less dark. I set a slower shutter speed and helped to hold the camera Very Steady. Then we got the second square-window picture and Mabel said yes, it was good.

Equally challenging was this squiggle-shaped cut-out on the climbing structure. We determined that it had no purpose or function other than "decoration" but we did not stand back far enough from it when we first tried to photograph it. All we got on the first try was a dark rectangle with a shadowy worm-blob along the bottom. We moved back and sat on a step and propped the camera on my knee. Then Mabel could make an image of a squiggle-shaped cut-out that really looked like a squiggle-shaped cut-out. She then had three pictures she liked and two pictures she didn't like. I got permission to use all five of them here, including the not-liked ones.

Above, an unpremeditated view of the red squiggle-shaped cut-out (caught by accident in background) as taken by me some while before it entered Mabel's head to start making photographs for herself.