Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mabel Camera-Work

Late Tuesday afternoon verging into early evening (with typically bright but not hot summer sunlight pouring into the apartment) Mabel and I were refining our techniques for letting her control my camera without simultaneously endangering it. The camera needed to rest on some level ridge (like a chair-back) and then could be directed by Mabel's guidance before she used her own finger to push the shutter release button. We scrutinized the display screen and decided which pictures Mabel approved of. (She liked best the animated playback option that displays "blinkies"  i.e. parts of the picture that appear as white blanks because of excess light. Most photographers try to avoid blinkies but Mabel feels the opposite. Her philosophy : the more blinkies the better.)

The six above are Mabel's official choices from those she took Tuesday. Daddy (part of  Daddy's shirt and part of his mouth and beard and arm) deserves and receives top billing. Daddy's clock comes next. Then windows. And Mabel's abacus. And windows. And last, the ceiling.