Thursday, July 18, 2013

Playground in Fog

Walking to the playground on Tuesday morning Mabel as always was interested in the small fire station we always pass. She wondered if the big door would be open or closed. Only rarely have we found the big door open (and then we could see the ladders and hoses inside). On Tuesday morning the big door was closed. Mabel had me take her picture standing next to the closed big door of the fire station. I have never been quite sure why she is so fond of this fire station, though fire stations do loom large in the Richard Scarry books Mabel likes.

Mabel loves to play in the sand, even wallow in the sand, but sometimes she has an aversion to getting sand on the palms of her hands. In the picture immediately above she is crawling through a tunnel on her knees and elbows so that she can keep her hands free of the sand.