Saturday, February 1, 2014

Early Saturday

I met Mabel and her mother early Saturday at the Ferry Building Farmers Market. We picked out radishes and other vegetables. When we first arrived the air was nippy, but with bright sun the morning soon got warmer

On the pier behind the building Mabel delivered a cupcake to me from the box of three she had picked out for us a few minutes earlier at Miette. When we all three had our cupcakes Mabel sang Happy Birthday to me. She sang it perfectly, even putting in "dear Grandpa" in the right place. The present I opened from Mabel was a small stuffed goat. It came from the same store that her favorite stuffed chicken came from. After we had mostly eaten the cupcakes, we somehow got the idea of balancing the remaining fragment of mine on a crosspiece of the iron railing. Mabel had picked a chocolate cupcake for me, with meringue on top. For herself she got carrot cake.

Mabel's cupcake-fragment needed a turn to be photographed after mine was done.