Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fire Hat

After Mabel had kissed her parents and waved them goodbye on Saturday afternoon, her first priority was fixing the thin elastic chin-band on the fire hat she got from some real fire fighters who came to her school. We figured out a way to tape the loose end. Mabel found a straw hat for me and we pretended it was a hard hat, because a fire hat is also a hard hat. Construction workers wear hard hats because there are bricks without enough glue that fall on their heads. Then when we were both wearing our hats Mabel decided we should build a zoo.

Mabel decided there would be a feeding area in her zoo, separated from the animals by a wall. The red-and-white dice-piece is a large strawberry for the animals to eat, with pieces of wooden cheese on either side of it. Openings of different sizes could be made in the wall (by zoo-keeper Mabel) to allow animals of different sizes to enter the feeding area.