Thursday, April 10, 2014


 unidentified gold-rimmed children matted in blue 
Every so often I move groups of saved images farther back into remoter storage. That is also when I unsystematically weed out images saved long ago that did not weather well.

Whims rather than principles determine what can still be saved. These are a few of the survivors. There is no memorial for the numerous discards.

plastic-and-wire sculpture by Kiki  Kogelnik (1935-1997)

printed price-list for 1915 at the Paris brothel of Mlle. Marcelle la Pompe

stool installation by Ai Wei Wei  Venice Biennale 

scary drawing from The Go To Bed Book

hand-drawn Therapy ad, posted in laundromat

Way in, Way out 'Plants' by Yukinori Maeda, Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo

program cover, The Tempest, American Ballet Theatre, New York
Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg