Saturday, September 6, 2014


William Beechey
Princess Augusta
c. 1797

This group of portraits all derive from the Royal Collection, but individual selections derive solely from personal preference. Many others  not gathered here  were judged (fairly or unfairly) as dull. And these were preferred because of the vividness that is their only common quality.

Louis Gabriel Blanchet
Prince Charles Edward Stuart

British School
Denzil, Lord Holles
c. 1650

British School
Unknown Lady
c. 1620

Benjamin Burnell
Charles Fitzroy, Lord Southampton
c. 1785

Francis Chantrey
George IV

Francis Cotes
Princess Louisa, Princess Caroline

David Wilkie
Prince Charles of Leiningen
c. 1824-30

Flemish School
Emperor Charles V
c. 1514-16

Thomas Gainsborough
Princess Elizabeth

Hans Holbein
Sir John Godsalve
c. 1532-34

Godfrey Kneller
William, Duke of Gloucester (age ten)
c. 1691

Thomas Lawrence
Charles, Archduke of Austria

Anthony Van Dyck
Lady Mary Villiers, Duchess of Richmond and Lennox
c. 1637

German School
Grandchildren of James I