Sunday, June 7, 2015

Room & View

Am still in process of setting up a small room (probably originally a nursery) as a library, integrating many of the relics brought home from my office at the university library when I retired last week. A few of the books now shelved in this room are visible below.

The dinosaur wall-clock was with me at my job for at least the past twenty years, and now it has entered civilian life along with me too. The painted bear was a gift my daughter made for me.thirty years ago when she was a gifted child.

The work table and serviceable blotter and chair were already in the apartment, but the rubber dragons made the trip (and are making the adjustment) along with the clock and the bear and the aloe plant at top (another daughter gift) and my favorite photograph of Mabel, floating between plates of heavy glass.

Then, at the end, I have tried to convey the leafy view out the window where I sit. It is far more beautiful than my pictures, a little forest of mature birch trees mingled with redwoods and hidden away from the busy San Francisco street life.