Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Non-abstract Modernism - early 20th century

Paul Fordyce Maitland
The Lady's Mile, Kensington Gardens
ca. 1900
oil on panel
Yale Center for British Art

Félix Vallotton
Poker Game
oil on cardboard
Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Henri Rousseau
Pink Candle
oil on canvas
Phillips Collection, Washington DC

Rupert Bunny
On the beach (Royan)
ca. 1908
oil on canvas
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney


Star-throned Incorruptible Aphrodite,
Child of Zeus, wile-weaving, I supplicate thee,
Tame not me with pangs of the heart, dread mistress,
    Nay, nor with anguish.
But come thou, if erst in the days departed
Thou didst lend thine ear to my lamentation,
And from afar the house of thy sire deserting,
    Camest with golden
Car yoked: thee thy beautiful sparrows hurried
Swift with multitudinous pinions fluttering
Round black earth, adown from the height of heaven
    Through middle ether:
Quickly journeyed they; and, O thou, blest Lady,
Smiling with those brows of undying lustre,
Asked me what new grief at my heart lay, wherefore
    Now I had called thee,
What I fain would have to assuage the torment
Of my frenzied soul; and whom now, to please thee,
Must persuasion lure to my love, and who now,
    Sappho, hath wronged thee?
Yea, for though she flies, she shall quickly chase thee;
Yea, though gifts she spurns, she shall bestow them;
Yea, though now she loves not, she soon shall love thee,
    Yea, though she will not!
Come, come now too! Come, and from heavy heart-ache
Free my soul, and all that my longing yearns to
Have done, do thou; be thou for me thyself too
    Help in the battle.

– originally by Sappho, translated from ancient Greek by John Addington Symonds (1873)

Egon Schiele
Male Nude propping himself up
drawing with pigment
Leopold Museum, Vienna

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Nudes in Studio
oil on canvas
Leopold Museum, Vienna

August Macke
Little Walter's Toys
oil on canvas
Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt

Harold Gilman
Interior with washstand
ca. 1914
oil on canvas
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Childe Hassam
Mt. Beacon at Newburgh
oil on panel
Phillips Collection, Washington DC


Float with the fish, they'll clean your wounds, and lick
away your blood, and have no care of you;
nor will your mother walk beside your pyre
as you swirl down the Skamander to the sea,
but the dark shadows of the fish will shiver,
lunge and snap Lykaon's silver fat.
Trojans, you will perish till I reach Troy –
you'll run in front, I'll scythe you down behind;
nor will your Skamander, though whirling and silver, save you,
though you kill sheep and bulls, and drown a thousand
one-hoofed horse, still living. You must die
and die and die and die and die –
till the blood of my Patroklos is avenged,
killed by the wooden ships while I was gone.

– from the Iliad of Homer, book 21, translated by Robert Lowell (1973)

Colin Gill
Observation of Fire
oil on canvas
Imperial War Museum, London

John Lavery
Lady Henry's Crêche, Woolwich
oil on canvas
Imperial War Museum, London

Joaquin Sorolla
Children looking for shellfish
oil on canvas
Fundación Banco Santander, Madrid

Maurice de Vlaminck
Landscape with house on a hill
ca. 1925-26
oil on canvas
Hermitage, Saint Petersburg

Maurits van der Valk
Still-life with Asian art objects
before 1935
oil on canvas
Teylers Museum, Haarlem