Thursday, March 8, 2018

Prints with Depictions of Artists and Their Environments

J.J. Grandville
Plate 32 from Les Métamorphoses du Jour
hand-colored lithograph
British Museum 

"Satire showing a mole-headed man and a dog-headed boy, the former kneeling and holding a violin while his companion holds out a begging bowl as three smartly-dressed artists walk past them; the artists all sport mouse's heads and carry a picture frame, a violin case and a skull. . . ." 

Corneille Jean-Antoine Seghers
The Hanged Man
(artist suicide in studio)

ca. 1829-69
British Museum

after Wilbraham Frederick Evelyn Liardet
Skeleton Modeler, Skeleton Painter, and Skeleton Models
ca. 1853-68
British Museum

"From a group of twelve prints reproducing those drawn on a wall between Turnham Green and Brentford, engaged in various activities. . . . A note made by Thomas Hardy seems likely to relate to these images: "Wonderful sketches on a wall, when the people get up one morning at Turnham Green (skeletons &c it seems . . .); done by a young man out of employ, at a very early hour, to divert his mind from dwelling on his wretched situation (& to prevent suicide)."

attributed to Georg Pencz
Mercury presiding over the Arts
(from series, The Seven Planets)

ca. 1530-50
British Museum

"The god riding a chariot drawn by two cocks, with the caduceus in his left hand; below various arts and sciences performed in an arcade and the street of a town; scenes including an organ player, two merchants doing accounts, a sculptor, a painter at his easel, astronomers, physicians, and a goldsmith."

Koshiro Onchi
Mannequin in the Studio
color woodblock-print
British Museum

Thomas Burke after Angelica Kauffmann
Portrait of Angelica Kauffmann in the character of Design
listening to the Inspiration of Poetry

British Museum

Berthe Morisot
Berthe Morisot drawing with her daughter Julie Manet
British Museum

Félix Bracquemond
Portrait of Charles Daubigny with brushes and palette
British Museum

Archibald Keightley
The private sitting room of painter Sir Thomas Lawrence
etching, aquatint
British Museum

"Sir Thomas Lawrence in his sitting room decorated with casts of famous antiquities (Apollo Belvedere, Laocoön, Belvedere Torso), portrait heads of artist including John Flaxman (left of fireplace), Raphael and Michelangelo by Flaxman (either side of Laocoön) and drawings (one by Raphael beneath Laocoön and now at the Ashmolean Museum) and copies after heads in Leonardo's Last Supper on wall to right."

Axel Fridell
The Old Chelsea Studio
British Museum

"This was the print Fridell was so proud of having sold to Campbell Dodgson in June 1927, presumably for the equivalent of sixty kroner, the price he quoted in a letter to Sweden at the time. The location was Fridell's studio at 44 Cheyne Walk, not far from Carlyle's house at no. 24." 

Thomas Bewick
Fable of Mercury and the Carver (in sculpture studio)
ca. 1811-23
wood-engraving (book-illustration)
British Museum

Richard Doyle
Painter contemplating portrait in the studio
etching (book-illustration for The Newcomes by Thackeray)
British Museum

Honoré Daumier
Daumier's stock-character Robert Macaire painting portrait of a horse
while its owner converses with Bertrand (another stock-character)

lithograph (for Le Charivari)
British Museum

Honoré Daumier
Daumier (seated) interrupted by effusive admirer while preparing a print 
hand-colored lithograph (for Le Charivari)
British Museum

Avigdor Arikha
View from the Press
British Museum

"The view is from Arikha's etching press to the library beyond.  Arikha was given this small press in 1970 by his friend, Emile Najar, who was then Israel's ambassador to Belgium.  In the corner above the press can be glimpsed Samuel Beckett, with glasses on forehead, a framed ink drawing  of 1967"

– quoted texts are from curator's notes at the British Museum