Monday, May 7, 2018

Practitioners of Printmaking (active after 1800)

David Wilkie
Three boys with a dog
ca. 1810-20
etching, drypoint
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Richard Parkes Bonington
ca. 1826-27
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Lawrence Barnett Phillips
Seated Angel
ca. 1857-72
British Museum

Émile Durandeau
Les nuits de Monsieur Baudelaire
lithograph from Le Boulevard
British Museum


Khrushchev is coming on the right day!
                                                                            the cool
     graced light
is pushed off the enormous glass piers by hard wind
and everything is tossing, hurrying on up
has everything but politesse, a Puerto Rican cab driver
and five different girls I see
                                                        look like Piedie
with her blonde hair tossing too,
                                                                as she looked
     when I pushed
her little daughter on the swing on the lawn it was also

last night we went to a movie and came out,

     Ionesco is greater
than Beckett, Vincent said, that's what I think,
     blueberry blintzes
and Khrushchev was probably being carped at
     Washington, no

Vincent tells me about his mother's trip to Sweden

     Hans tell us
about his father's life in Sweden, it sounds like Grace
painting, Sweden
                                so I go home to bed and names drift
     through my

Purgatorio Merchado, Gerhard Schwartz and Gaspar
                 all unknown figures of the early morning as I
     go to work

where does the evil of the year go
                                                                when September
     takes New York
and turns it into ozone stalagmites
                                                                deposits of light
                                                                so I get back up
make coffee, and read François Villon, his life, so dark
          New York seems blinding and my tie is blowing
     up the street
I wish it would blow off
                                            though it is cold and
     somewhat warms

     my neck
as the train bears Khrushchev on to Pennsylvania Station
          and the light seems to be eternal
          and joy seems to be inexorable
          I am foolish enough always to find it in wind

– Frank O'Hara (written 17 September 1959)

Mariano Fortuny
Victory: standing youth holding statuette of Winged Victory
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Frans Lauwers after Alfred Stevens
Portrait of a woman
ca. 1880
British Museum

Thomas Woolner after Theodore Blake Wigman
Thomas Woolner in his studio
wood-engraving from The Century Magazine
British Museum

Berthe Morisot
Berthe Morisot drawing with her daughter Julie Manet
British Museum

Édouard Vuillard
Intérieur aux teintures roses III
British Museum

Jean-Louis Forain
Portrait of Colette Willy
ca. 1900
British Museum

Muirhead Bone
Under the Pincian trees (Rome)
British Museum

Walter Sickert
ca. 1922
British Museum

Georges Barbier
Mme Ida Rubinstein in La Dame aux Camélias (gown by Worth)
pochoir from Gazette du Bon Ton
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Tom Phillips
Samuel Beckett (at Riverside Studios)
British Museum