Monday, June 28, 2010

Modern Wing

Robert Motherwell
Reconciliation Elegy, 1978

Rachel Whiteread
Ghost, 1990

Richard Serra
Five Plates, Two Poles, 1971

Ellsworth Kelly
Color Panels for a Large Wall, 1978

Frank Stella
La scienzia della fiacca (4x), 1984

Roy Lichtenstein
Entablature, 1975

Aristide Maillol
Venus, 1918/1928

Alberto Giacometti
Walking Man II, 1960

Charles Sheeler
Classic Landscape, 1931

Arthur Dove
Moth Dance, 1929

There was also a never-before-seen oil by Francis Bacon from around 1954 called Study for a Running Dog. Experience has taught me that Bacon's paintings are virtually impossible to photograph under museum lights because of glare from the glass (he insisted they be exhibited behind glass) and glare from the big shiny frames (he insisted on those too, though the frames are usually gold and not chrome like this one). But I had to make a poor memorial for myself, just like a groupie happy to take even the crappiest photo of the band.