Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home Crafts Project

Materials Required

12-foot strip of black paper, 16 inches wide
172 clear push pins
48 lomographic photo prints, each 5 inches square

Arrange to taste on wall at personal eye level

At the beginning of the summer I gave a vacation-days present to my daughter  a Diana lomographic camera, and a supply of the 120 film it takes.

So all summer my daughter and her husband have been taking lomo photos. They took some in Maine and they took some at Tahoe and they took many in San Francisco where they live. They even took a few on a visit here to Spencer Alley. When I saw the two of them for dinner last week they showed me the prints and I was stunned. Kindly, they trusted me with the loan of all their lomo negatives. And these I promptly took to the smart gracious people at Photoworks on Market Street near Church. Yesterday I got my own set of the summer lomo prints, and this afternoon I put them on official Spencer Alley display along a twelve-foot stretch of empty wall. When the cold, windy, rainy weather comes, this home crafts project will be warming me with other people's warm and vague visions.