Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Mabel Watson Payne got dressed in non-hospital, civilian-style street-clothes for the first time in her life this morning. And she nonchalantly came home.

The short ride in the car (from one San Francisco neighborhood to another) seemed to encourage her great natural love of sleep.

Now is when everyone is glad that the baby dwelling got completed and equipped many weeks ago and is more than ready to receive its celestial inhabitant.

She let herself be passed from lap to lap, snoozing comfortably, while the adults took turns eating lunch.

My daughter tells me that the mouth of Mabel Watson Payne is the surest signal of deep sleep. From her nine months (plus an extra week or two) on the inside, she seems to have brought with her a habit of tucking the lower lip under the upper lip. Only in deep sleep does her mouth (sometimes) relax completely, allowing both beautiful lips equal prominence.