Friday, August 13, 2010

Fog Behavior

After the fog burned off in the early afternoon there were actually a couple of hours before a new supply started floating in from the west off the ocean. Early football practice is starting at Mission High. Somebody has been taking good care of the field during the summer.

Once the fog returned it covered the sky in quite a short time. This fact meant that the just-renewed facade of the Midnight Sun in the Castro (below) did not look shiny bright the way it was intended to, but only glowed with a dull potentiality. One of those hi-tech claddings, fit for a space ship.

In all my life I only went inside this bar once for about a minute and was put off by the wall-sized screen where cult TV shows like Sex and the City are continuously broadcast, similar to the effect of music videos in other Castro bars except that the the music videos can be an entertaining background whereas the idea of whole episodes from TV series rerun in a bar makes no sense to me. Like many infrequent TV watchers, when confronted with a TV screen I cannot take my eyes off it, even when I try to not look. Most people can ignore TV most of the time, but I cannot ignore it. Exposure is compulsion, and if compelled to watch it, I resent it.

Then later on there was another fog-break long enough to spot the moon on its way down.

The moon did its best to hit the horizon but the fog rose up and ate it before that could happen.