Friday, December 2, 2011

December Playground

In the photos above Mabel Watson Payne has just awakened from her afternoon nap and is quietly amusing herself with the objects she could find in my backpack. Today these included three plastic figurines that my daughter used to play with.

It felt like an unusually warm afternoon for December and we decided to pack up the afternoon snack and take it along with us to our favorite walking-distance playground in Chinatown.

We only noticed it was getting dark when we saw the lamps come on in the park around us and the background lights of Chinatown. Reluctantly, we bundled Mabel Watson Payne into the heavy sweater we had brought for her and then made our way back home through the downtown rush hour Friday night bustle. All the way home this baby was busy pointing out Christmas trees to me. She spotted about fifty Christmas trees in store windows along the way. We stopped and admired several at length.