Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Juan Muñoz

Returned to the De Young this afternoon to look at the Masters of Venice show again. Soon I will know it well enough to put up some images of the paintings and say why I think they are so great. In the meantime I will put up the photos below that I took in the sculpture garden late in the afternoon on this cold bright winter day. Specifically a work by the Spaniard Juan Muñoz, one of my own personal absolute favorite modern sculptors.

The figures are just about half life size. Most other groups of Muñoz figures I have seen were built to something like the same scale.

Below, a local fashion shoot. I had earlier noticed the woman in orange posing her model and then as I was leaving she placed him on that bank covered with pale tufted grasses in the golden last beams of the sinking sun.

Walking out of Golden Gate Park and heading back to my nearby office at the library, I caught sight of this live oak growing on a downhill slope with its crown (at my eye level) glowing in that same lingering light.