Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bright & Cold

When there was a chance to be outside in the bright cold Friday afternoon air, I took it and at the same time took these pictures. Which originated in various small streets around Folsom between 12th and 15th in the Mission. There seemed to be several alleys I had never seen before. In one way that was a surprise after so many years of wandering the same territory, but in another way it was no surprise at all because my wanderings are resolutely unsystematic.

Today's was a cooler, bluer sunlight in San Francisco than the golden October version that (until recently) was lavishing its glow over the worthy and the unworthy, all alike.

Recent murals in this part of the Mission looked to me as if the building owners had sponsored them. And this newest crop of aerosol artists have busied themselves in producing extremely polished work, confined to approved spaces. But bland. They have all stayed inside the lines of their coloring books. Happily mainstreamed.