Saturday, November 17, 2012


Daddy was helping Mabel Watson Payne into some fresh clothes when I arrived to enjoy their company on Friday afternoon. When Daddy left to get a haircut, Mabel and I elaborated a drawing game on her clipboard. I would lay my hand flat on the paper and Mabel would draw around the outline, often going around several times with different colors. Then she would embellish the shape with swoops and squiggles. 

It was a dark and rainy afternoon. To compensate photographically, I ramped up the ISO and got these strangely intensified yet not altogether unnatural colors. But mostly the light was inadequate to seize stable glimpses of any super-active two-year-old. I I took the picture below while we were having afternoon snack, when I happened to assert some random piece of  nonsense that made Mabel smile.

What sane person could want more out of life than the occasional ability to make Mabel smile?