Friday, November 16, 2012

Mysterious Hands

I don't understand where all the layers in this photo came from, even though I took it. There is, for example, a second tiny pair of floating hands visible within the space framed by the large pair of floating hands. There is a tree trunk in focus at a distance acting as a barricade between those two sets of vaporous hands and the vaporous head that somehow must be invisibly attached to them. Yet the head seems to be positioned behind the waist-high chain-link fence (and the tree) while the hands appear to be positioned in front of them.

If the many-layered photograph is mysterious, then even more mysterious is its visual kinship with a 1988 Jeff Koons figurine called Ushering in Banality. But that is the great advantage of operating a solo blog, free of ads and obligations – that there is no requirement to account for whatever obscure mental association caused the one image (blurry reflections) to summon up the other (hog with cherubs).