Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Bead-Stringing

Mother-daughter bead-stringing sitting at the table with Christmas dinner over and Christmas dessert mostly over. This was the new toy Mabel most urgently and ardently wanted to play with – at that moment. This also is the ONLY photograph out of several hundred where my experimental flash/focus combination worked the way I wanted.

Mabel is wearing a knitted hat at dinner because she prevailed on me to take her out for a walk during the final round of dinner preparations – so that she could try out her new hooded raincoat and umbrella (from Grandma) and her rain boots (from Mamma and Daddy). But when we got out on the sidewalk, it was certainly a dark and stormy night. Mabel enjoyed the drama of the weather, of course, but I decided not to linger. Even with the walk abbreviated Mabel got a bit wet around the edges, and her mother sensibly dried her off and plopped the hat on her head while listening to an excited report on the outside world.

Below, the new raingear worn for going out to breakfast on the morning after Christmas (courtesy of my daughter's phone).