Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday Card

The envelope (above) was the closest to a birthday cake Mabel saw at Spencer Alley on Saturday morning when she came over with her parents to collect her birthday presents and rip into some of them and start playing with some of them and also have a takeout burrito lunch from Pancho Villa down the street (courtesy of Daddy who did all the work of ordering and going out and collecting and coming back).

Inside the envelope was the folded cardboard birthday card (front and back above, inside-surfaces below).

I constructed it at the next-to-the-last-minute for Mabel, dragging in the theme of THREE wherever possible.

She was a good deal more interested in the gift of stickers than in the adult-concept birthday card (where admittedly I got carried away with amusing myself). Mabel would of course have put these same collage elements together in a totally different way.