Sunday, August 11, 2013

Almost Three

Mabel liked ringing the buzzer at Grandpa's building and climbing the many flights of stairs. Once inside, she consented to a slightly early opening of the presents from me for her third birthday, coming up in a few days. Most of the presents were boring clothes, though not so boring that Mabel could not manage to amuse herself by putting many new pairs of differently-striped socks into orderly rows of her own devising.

On the refrigerator Mabel found pages from the newspaper she and Daddy had created as a Father's Day present for me. The Clarion Boo.  Only that one issue published so far. It was her own work from earlier in the summer, and she thought it looked pretty good.

I also learned many facts about the new world of preschool. Mabel is justly delighted about being a school child.