Wednesday, November 6, 2013


In Fishing for Amber Ciaran Carson offers his own compilation of "modern varietal names" bestowed on roses to commemorate individual human beings (fictional and actual, side by side) 

". . . ladies present include Albertine, Diana, Jenny Wren, Maid Marian, Zulu Queen, Violet Carson, Adelaide d'Orléans, Rose of Tralee, Minnehaha, Queen Fabiola, Madam Butterfly, Phyllis Gold, Mistress Quickly, Constance Spry, Dorothy Peach, Dolly Varden, Isabel de Ortiz, Lady Curzon, Baby Betsy McAll, Mrs. Sam McGredy, Carmen Talon, Queen Nefertiti, Goldilocks, Ma Perkins, Wendy, Stella, Mexicali Rose, La Follette, Thumbelina, Lucy Cramphorn, Polly Flinders, Miss France, Miss Liberty, Miss Ireland, and Violinista Costa. Among the gentlemen are Marcel Proust, Christian Dior, Hiawatha, Chief Seattle, Uncle Walter, Jiminy Cricket, Rabbie Burns, Robin Hood, Montezuma, Mister Lincoln, Fred Cramphorn, Lord Penzance, Don Juan, Cupid, William III, El Capitain, John Clare, Henry Ford, William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, General McArthur, Jude the Obscure, Pinocchio, King Midas, Oberon, and the Seven Dwarfs."