Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Espectacular Telón

Espectacular Telón is an installation on view at Galerie Sultana (12 rue des arquebusiers) in Paris.

The artist is Pia Camil (b. 1980). She lives and works in Mexico City.

"Speculum=mirror. Spectacular mirror. Spectacular, means both a lavish performance, a show; but also an elaborate display. This latter use, in Spanish, commonly refers to giant ads on the side of the road. Elaborate display of merchandise—a different kind of exchange and spectacle. Then, suddenly these ads appear garbled and warped, their messages hacked and chopped . Symbols of urban blight, they become this: pure colors, mute, light. Or is this a new language of disappearance and erasure? And yet... With sign and deed they insert themselves into a new world. They are born, at play. Show & Hide. A spectacular curtain. What does it hide? What does it reveal?" 

from text written for the exhibition by Gabriela Jauregui