Friday, August 29, 2014

Portrait Miniatures

Danish school
Frederick III, King of Denmark
c. 1676

Numberless portrait miniatures have  over several centuries  come to rest together in the cabinets of the Royal Collection. The group chosen here were all created during the 17th century, because that is my favorite century.

David des Granges
Queen Henrietta Maria
c. 1638-45

David des Granges
Queen Catherine of Braganza
c. 1660-61

Nicholas Dixon
Anne Hyde, Duchess of York
c. 1682

Nicholas Dixon
Queen Mary II
c. 1685-94

Nicholas Dixon
Young man
c. 1680-90

English school
King Charles II
c. 1661

Pierre Signac
Ulrica Eleanor, Queen of Sweden
c. 1658

Charles Boit
William Wycherley
c. 1695

John Hoskins
 perhaps Henry Cary
c. 1625

John Hoskins
King James I

John Hoskins
Young man

Jean Petitot
A Lady
c. 1650-90

Isaac Oliver
Lucy Harington, Countess of Bedford
c. 1612-16