Saturday, October 25, 2014

Other Garlands

Madonna & Child, with Garland & Cherubs
Peter Paul Rubens

The Flemish Jesuit painter Daniel Seghers (yesterday's main subject of scrutiny) was by no means the only 17th century artist nourishing the European fad for painted garlands of flowers (+ ribbons + fruit + foliage + animals + cherubs + birds). For a time  while the fashion lasted  everybody was doing it.

William III, Prince of Orange, with Garland
Jan Davidz Heem

Guardian Angel, with Garland
Abraham Brueghel

Virgin & Child & St John the Baptist, with Garland
Jan Brueghel the Younger

Garland, with Butterflies
Pier Francesco Citttadini

Flagellation of Christ, with Garland (and black ribbons)
Flemish School

Virgin & Child, with Garland
Jan Anton van der Baren

Portrait, with Garland
Christian Luyckx

Garland, with Fruit
Frans Ykens