Friday, October 10, 2014


The Card-Players
c. 1643

A Family Standing in a Landscape with a Moated House in the Background
c. 1649-50

Fishermen on the Sea-Shore
c. 1637-39

Peasants Outside a Country Inn
c. 1640-43

Peasants Talking in a Landscape
c. 1668-69

Peasants Dancing Outside a Tavern
c. 1641

The so-called genre scenes of Flemish painter David Teniers (1610-1690)  done in the mid-seventeenth century  became fashionable among sophisticated English collectors toward the end of the eighteenth century. Many Teniers canvases were purchased by the Prince Regent (later George IV) for the Royal Collection. Pre-Revolutionary France shared this love for what Teniers had represented. Designs for Sevres porcelain frequently contrasted "rustic" vignettes based on his paintings with the usual extreme rococo refinement of the surrounding forms.

cuvette Mahon
c. 1760

cuvette Mahon (reverse)

pot pourri à vaisseau

vase hollandoise

vase hollandoise (reverse)