Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lego Sculpture

When I arrived Sunday afternoon Mabel was in the middle of building a highly symmetrical sculpture from the Christmas-time Lego sets.When the sculpture was all done, Mabel photographed it herself, using my very heavy vintage 35mm digital SLR.

As I was leaving, Mabel was advising me about how to  present her photos. She wanted them cropped tightly around the sculpture as seen from different sides and angels. Mabel also specifically asked me to publish the blurry photos she took alongside the sharp photos she also took. These are only two examples. There are several more, and Mabel's wish to see all of them in this space will be granted when I have had a little time to crop the rest of them.

My daughter took this picture while I was showing Mabel how to press the shutter without shaking the camera.