Monday, November 9, 2015

Zebra's Birthday!

Mabel made the tall rectangular index-card-party-invitation at upper right. It has a very beautiful spiral at the bottom. When I copied it onto the pink piece of paper on Sunday afternoon, I did not attempt the spiral. Mabel helped me draw the stick woman.

For Zebra's one-year birthday party Mabel prepared eight wrapped presents.

1. tiny giraffe, stuffed
2. tiny zebra, stuffed
3. medium-sized fish, stuffed
4. small goggle-eyed creature, stuffed
5. small ceramic object with creatures
6. pencil
7. night light
8. large white paper clip (for protection from mice)

We had a drawing activity, although I am not precisely sure whether this was during the party or after the party. On blue paper with Mabel's help (again) I drew the gourd that arrived for Halloween and now lives on the dining table, plus Mabel placed the "hearts and stars in the sky" to balance out the gourd according to her own sense of fitness.

The Pez dispenser in the child's hand (above) features a replica of the head of the fictional character named Yoda from one of the few old-time blockbuster movies that she has seen in her life. When Mabel went trick-or-treating a week ago, Yoda was one of the treats. Also included was a sealed package of banana-flavor candies, now loaded.

Toward the end of his life Joris Hoefnagel (1542-1600) drew a much-decorated guide to constructing letters of the alphabet. The vellum sheets are now at the Getty in Los Angeles.