Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Painters from Italy at Work in the 17th century

workshop of Domenico Fetti
Lazarus & the Rich Man
ca 1618-28
National Gallery of Art (U.S.)

"Beside other things therfore it giveth a great praise to the world, in saying that it is beautifull. It is praysed, in saying, the beautifull heaven, beautifull earth, beautifull sea, beautifull rivers, beauitfull woodes, trees, gardens, beautifull cities, beautifull churches, houses, armies. In conclusion this comely and holy beautie is a wondrous setting out of everie thing. And it may bee saide, that Good and beautifull be after a sorte one selfe thing, especially in the bodies of men: of the beautie whereof the nighest cause (I suppose) is the beautie of the soule: the which as a partner of the right and heavenly beauty, maketh sightly and beautifull what ever she toucheth, and most of all, if the bodie, where she dwelleth, be not of so vile a matter, that she can not imprint in it her propertie."

 from The Book of the Courtier by Baldassare Castiglione, translated into English and published by Sir Thomas Hoby in 1561

Pietro Paolini
Achilles among theDaughters of Lycomedes
ca. 1625-30
Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Bernardo Strozzi
Tobias Curing his Father's Blindness
ca. 1630-35
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Leonello Spada
ca. 1615

Andrea Sacchi
St Francis Marrying Poverty
Palazzo Barberini, Rome

Andrea Sacchi
The Three Magdalenes
Palazzo Barberini, Rome

Andrea Sacchi
Venus at rest
17th century

Andrea Sacchi
Vision of St Romuald
ca. 1631
Vatican Pinacoteca

Viviano Codazzi
St Peters

Federico Barocci
Christ on the Cross

Giovanni Francesco Romanelli
Peter and John at the Tomb with an Angel
mid 17th century

Giovanni Francesco Romanelli
Sacrifice of Polyxena
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Giovanni Francesco Romanelli
Apollo and Marsyas
 vaulting fresco, Louvre

Pietro della Vecchia
Socrates and two students
17th century