Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Paolo Veronese
Judith with the Head of Holofernes
ca. 1580
oil on canvas
Musei di Strada Nuova, Genoa

Bartolomeo Passerotti
Coronation of the Virgin
with St Luke, St Dominic and St John the Evangelist

ca. 1580
oil on canvas
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Cornelis Ketel
A Giant Porter
oil on canvas
Royal Collection, Great Britain

Joos van Winghe
Delilah’s Betrayal and Samson’s Imprisonment by the Philistines
ca. 1580
oil on canvas, mounted on panel
Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf

Pedro de Rubiales (known as Roviale Spagnolo)
Battle of Zama
Musei Capitolini, Rome

Joris Hoefnagel
Seashells and view of Cadiz
watercolor on vellum
Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin

Calm after Storm

Now are the threats of cruel sword laid down,
And now the rumour whists of battles sown,
    The noise of crooked trumpet silent lies,
And quiet peace returns to joyful town.
    So, when the waves of swelling surge arise,
While Corus' wind the Brutian seas doth smight,
    And Scylla sounds from hollow caves within,
And shipmen are with wafting waves affright,
    Charybdis casts that erst it had drunk in;
And Cyclops fierce his father yet doth dread,
    In Etna bank, that fervent is with heats,
Lest quenched be with waves that overshed
    The fire, that from eternal furnace beats;
And poor Laertes thinks his kingdoms all
    May drowned be, and Ithaca doth quake.
If once the force of winds begin to fall,
    The sea li'th down more mild than standing lake;
The deep, where ships so wide full dreadfull were
    To pass, with sails on either side outspread,
Now fall'n a-down, the lesser boats doth bear;
    And leisure is, to view the fishes dead
Even there where late, with tempest beat upon,
    The shaken Cyclads were with seas aghast.
No state endures. The pain and pleasure, one
    To other yields; and joys be soonest past.

– from Seneca's tragedy of Thyestes, translated by Jasper Heywood and published in 1581 in Seneca his Tenne Tragedies

Luca Cambiaso
The Visitation
ca. 1580
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Federico Barocci
Calling of St Andrew
drawing (modello for altarpiece)
 Royal Collection, Great Britain

Maerten de Vos
Allegory of the Choleric Temperament
Cantor Center, Stanford University

Bernardino Campi
Virgin with Dead Christ and Saints
before 1584
Royal Collection, Great Britain

Annibale Carracci
Young man drawing
ca. 1585-90
Royal Collection, Great Britain

Hans von Aachen
Portrait of the painter Josef Heintz
oil on canvas
Národní Galerie, Prague

El Greco
St Francis receiving the Stigmata
ca. 1585-90
oil on canvas
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore

Tommaso Laureti
Battle of Lake Regillus
Musei Capitolini, Rome