Friday, July 7, 2017

Supporting Figures (engraved) from the Sistine Ceiling

Adamo Scultori (fl. 1547-1587)

Engraver, print dealer and print publisher from Mantua.  Son of Giovanni Battista Scultori.  Active first in Mantua, c. 1547-65 as an engraver and then in Rome from c. 1566, as a print dealer as well as engraver.  He is described as 'Adam de Scultoribus Manuanus intagliator'.  For the documents relating to the dissolution of a partnership (compagnia) between Scultori and Lafreri in 1576 see Masetti Zannini, 1980.  The stock of the company is described as 'le stampe con li disegni stampati'.  He was probably the 'mastro Adamo venditore di disegni' of 1577. He published plates by other engravers.  Many of his plates were subsequently published by Cristoforo Bianchi, who married Adamo's widow.  

 biographical notes from the British Museum

In 1585 Adamo Scultori issued a portfolio of 72 engravings isolating many of the ornamental figures supporting and embellishing the painted architecture that frames Michelangelo's Sistine ceiling. Teylers Museum in Haarlem owns a complete set and several are reproduced here.