Monday, October 1, 2018

Busts (Terracotta, Bronze, Marble, Wood, Porcelain)

Archaic Greece
Bust of Kouros
ca. 500-450 BC
Harvard Art Museums

Hellenistic Egypt
Relief-appliqué Bust of Ptolemy I as Dionysus
3rd century BC
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore

Roman Empire
Bust of a Man
ca. AD 110-138
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Criminal Statues

Not those promoting wrong renown.
Not the ones that might fall down
(fault of the structural engineer).
Not the ones with pocked veneer.
Nor the type that stiffly cringes
under bas-reliefs of pigeons.
Who could stand for long such staining?
Not the partially remaining,
that madden with their breasts and hair
and other nonparts not quite there.
Not the marble turning brown.
Not the ones that glare or frown,
whose mothers never thought to warn them,
nor those whose likenesses would scorn them.
But those so tranquil in their stonedom
we would join them.

– J. Allyn Rosser, from Mimi's Trapeze (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014)

Anonymous Spanish artist
Reliquary Bust of St Francis Borgia
ca. 1624-50
painted and gilded wood
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Johann Jakob Kornmann
Miniature Bust of Paolo Giordano II, Duke of Bracciano
ca. 1625-35
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

attributed to Orfeo Boselli
Bust of Plato
ca. 1635-40
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

attributed to François Coudray
Bust of Prince Eugene of Savoy
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Peter Anton von Verschaffelt
Bust of an Englishman
marble (carved in Rome)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Fürstenberg Manufactory
Bust of Philippine Charlotte, Duchess of Brunswick
ca. 1758
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Josiah Wedgwood & Sons
Bust of Homer
ca. 1779
porcelain (black basalt)
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Johann Heinrich van Dannecker
Bust of Apollo
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Paul Gauguin
Bust of Emil Gauguin, the artist's son
ca. 1877-78
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Auguste Rodin
Bust of Madame Vicuña
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Bust of Louise Adele Gould
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York