Thursday, January 15, 2009

House Plants

This started out as one potted lily. It was an inherited responsibility that came with tenancy of Spencer Alley. I had no great fondness for the then limp and unappealing thing, but I fed it and put it near the window, and once it began to flourish I grew fond of it, as one does toward the object of one's benefactions. In the middle of 2007 it cloned itself into two lilies. They are posing together on the stove burners in the top photo (only one out of those four burners actually works). For summer 2009 there is a plan afoot to reproduce further, and then there will be four. I must take this opportunity to express thanks to these plants for their patience as lomography models. The third photo from the top was an experiment in the pinhole setting, and the chosen lily in that one had to sit absolutely still for 15 minutes while the lens was open. I had decided on 8 minutes in advance as a good amount of time to leave the lens open, and 8 minutes would have given me a better picture, I think, but then I got interested in something on the internet and forgot about the clock, so this is another from the first roll of lomo photos where I ended up overexposed. I want to do a night pinhole soon, where you leave the shutter open all night. I could put the camera out on the stair landing outside the back door of Spencer Alley, and let it pull in whatever light it could over the course of 8 or 10 hours from the few lighted windows that are within range.