Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mission Controversy

Noticed several of these posters in shop windows around the neighborhood this afternoon. There's a site called stopamericanapparel created by a group that wants to persuade the city to deny American Apparel's permit application, because Valencia is not a home to chain stores yet, unlike almost every other shopping street in San Francisco. But this is a battle laced with irony because American Apparel has worked for years to cultivate the very same twenty-somethings now bent on blocking this new outlet (which would be the fourth American Apparel store in San Francisco, which is probably more of them than such a small city really needs). I see that certain other community-commentary blogs are reacting with sarcasm to the fact that the stopamericanapparel group meetings are held at the Makeout Room, and "the odds of not finding anyone at the Makeout Room wearing American Apparel on any given night are practically nil."