Saturday, January 24, 2009

Root Vegetables

The second birthday present created for me by my daughter is a collection of the music she has had in heaviest rotation this past year on her iPod. She understands to what an extent this is vital knowledge for me and has continued graciously to create these annual compilations since high school days (the earliest are on audio cassettes). Each mix gets a title. This year's is called Root Vegetables. Last year's was Jordan Almonds. Before that we had Geranium Leaves. We had Lilacs. We had Mittens!
Part of the entertainment is that no information is provided about where any of the music comes from or who performs it. I am to report back on what I can or cannot figure out on my own. So here is my attempt to account for the 18 tracks on Root Vegetables.

1. You Must Have Fallen From The Sky / Glenn Hansard and Marketa Irglova, from the soundtrack Once.

2. Summer Day Reflection Song / Donovan, 1965, from Fairytale.

3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow / Iz (Izrael Kamakawiwo'ole).

4. I Am Changing / Jennifer Hudson, from the soundtrack Dreamgirls.

5. What The World Needs Now / Jackie De Shannon, recorded 1965.

6. Heartbeats / Jose Gonzalez, from Veneer.

7. Padam-Padam /Edith Piaf, recorded 1951.

8. Underdog / Spoon, from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

9. Just In Time /Nina Simone, live.

10. Labels or Love /Fergie, from the soundtrack Sex and the City.

11. Rene Bouteille / La Tordue, from Cuisine Non-Stop (introduction to the French nouvelle generation).

12. Duncan / Paul Simon, recorded 1972, possibly sourced from the soundtrack 10 Items Or Less.

13. About Today / The National, from Cherry Tree.

14. Tree Hugger / Kimya Dawson & Antsy Pants, from the soundtrack Juno. (And this track, I will confess, is my great personal favorite.)

15. If You Want Me / Glenn Hansard and Marketa Irglova, from the soundtrack Once.

16. World Exploded In Love All Around Me / Bob Schneider, from Lonelyland.

17. Gentle Arms of Eden / Tracy Grammer & Dave Carter, from Drum Hat Buddha.

18. The Wolves (Act I and II )/ by Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) from For Emma, Forever Ago, where Vernon's layered vocals sound like a choir.