Monday, July 27, 2009

Architectural Mishmash

The dome of San Francisco's City Hall pops up behind a corner of the Opera House, with one of the flying-saucer balconies of Davies Symphony Hall observing from the right.

Victorian mansion on Russian Hill painted solid white with no colorful trim at all. Most San Francisco Victorians started out pale and monochrome like this, only acquiring their trademark multi-colored paint-jobs later. In this respect they are the exact opposite of classical Greek statues, which started out brightly and variously painted, and only wore down to the unadorned marble over many centuries of abuse and neglect.

The sunlight on Sunday afternoon cast itself kindly even on this nondescript block of flats. It made me remember the leafless trees coated with ice in the Flannery O'Connor story, where "even the meanest of them sparkled."